Limited Time code | Practical Ethical Hacking | Free Course | Aug 11th


Jul 25, 2021
Found a good course on Udemy about Ethical Hacking. It Ends on August 11th, claim now!

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Message by a cyber mentor:

I had a young kid reach out to me tonight. He had pirated my Practical Ethical Hacking course. He was honest about it. He explained to me that his home life was pretty awful and that he had a lot of guilt for downloading the course illegally.

I felt a lot of empathy as he shared his story. Incredibly poor, unstable household, and a curious mind. I was all of these things. I, too, torrented content when I was a kid, but I never had the courage or conscience this kid has at his age to think about how it affects others.

I gave him access to my platform and all future courses for life.

He also inspired me to open up the Practical Ethical Hacking course again for free. You do not need to torrent this course if you cannot afford it. Please, come learn what I can teach you and use it for good. We have many great opportunities in our field right now and the higher than average salaries can often help others get out of poverty.

Please use the links below. You do NOT need to enter credit card information. Only do this if you are choosing to purchase the course to support the platform and authors.
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