General Rules
  1. Site rules are non negotiable
    Failure to comply with any site rules can result in an account termination.
  2. Site rules are global
    All the forum site rules also apply to any other communities we run such as; discord, telegram, etc.
  3. No Immunity
    Purchasing upgrades does not give you immunity from any of the forum rules.
  4. Malicious Activity
    a. Attempting any malicious activity towards this board or its partners will result in an account termination.

    b. Attempting to infect or steal from other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to a permanent account termination.
  5. Non-Competitor Clause
    Advertising a different community / board is prohibited.
  6. Fraudulent Activity
    Fraudulent activities such as "carding" is strictly prohibited.
  7. Report Abuse
    Abusing the report function will be punished via a warning to a 3 day suspension.
  8. Multi Accounts
    Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited, each member is limited to a single account. Create multiple accounts will void your ability to appeal a ban.
  9. Minors & Porn
    Posting child-porn or porn in general anywhere is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  10. Doxing
    Doxing or trying to gather personal information with the intent to harm other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to an account termination.
  11. Be Nice
    Engaging in threatening/insulting behaviour towards other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to a 2 day suspension.
  12. Rules Can & Will Change
    We reserve the right to change/alter/update these rules at any given time and without notice.
Reputation & Vouches
  1. Reputation Abuse
    Abusing the reputation or system is prohibited, this includes activities such as trading or demanding reputation. Doing so will result in a temporary suspension and getting your rep wiped.
  2. Vouches Abuse
    Abusing the vouch/feedback or system is prohibited, this includes activities such as trading or demanding vouches. Doing so will result in a temporary suspension and getting your vouches wiped.
  1. BBCode Abuse
    Using excessive BB-Codes in the shoutbox is prohibited. Doing so might result in a temporary ban.
  2. Ban Evading
    Posting or using the shoutbox while being on a temporary account to appeal your ban will lead to a permanent ban.
  3. No Advertising
    Do not use the shoutbox for advertising anything - anyone doing so will be banned from the shoutbox.
Auth / API & Partners
  1. Auth / API Abuse
    We have the rights to disable your auth key / API access if we discover any abusive behavior or usage without any further notice or explanation.
  2. Partner Abuse
    Anyone found to be using our API/AUTH partnership to attack or do anything deemed as malicious to any of our partners will have their account terminated.
  1. Affiliate Links
    Posting referral/affiliate links without including a non-referral/non-affiliate link is forbidden. Doing so will result in a punishment.
  2. Begging
    Do not beg for any kind of donations. Doing so will result in a punishment.
  3. Giveaways
    When making giveaways, you must give the winner a reasonable time to claim the price(eg. 24 hours).
  4. Leaking / Account Sharing
    Leaking/Account sharing is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be sharing content between anyone on or off-site about any content that person doesn't have forum permissions to see, will have their account permanently banned.
  5. Be Kind
    Do not insult/attack/abuse other members, doing so will result in warnings/suspension.
  1. Scam Reports
    a. Posting on a scam report you are not directly involved in will receive a warning. Continuing to do so will result in a temporary suspension.

    b. Posting a false/malicious scam report / community awareness thread will lead to your account being banned.
  2. Custom Usergroups
    Selling a custom usergroup and/or ownership of a custom group to another forum member is prohibited. Custom usergroups, if they are available, can only be purchased directly from the Trickery Owner.
  3. Don't Scam
    Do not scam or attempt to scam other users. Anyone found guilty of scamming or even attempting to scam will have their account permanetly banned.
  4. Non-Profit
    If you are found to be profiting from something that you yourself have obtained freely (ie a script, ebook, etc) that has been found or stolen by you that you are reselling will result in account termination. Basically if you didn't create it or don't have explicit consent from the creator to sell it, you shouldn't be selling it.